Coppia Leve Freno e Frizione Regolabili Spider Suzuki

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Marca: Spider. 

Codice: SP407

Colore: Nero. 

Folding & Adjustable  Levers are made from Aluminium billet and are completly  CNC  machined. 

. This Levers has been used in the Racing industry for many years due to its technical  solutions. 
. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality. 
. Has lighter and stonger characteristic. 
. Racing design. 
. Folding to prevent damage in a case of tip over or in a case of crash.
. Adjustable to offer the possibility to regulate the distance of the Lever from the handlebar. 
. Perfectly interchangeables with the original ones. 




GSX R 600 04-05 SP407-R-R02
GSX R 750 04-05 SP407-R-R02
GSX R 600 06-18 SP407-R-R02 SP407-L-R02
GSX R 750 06-18 SP407-R-R02 SP407-L-R02
GSX-S 1000 16-18 SP407-R-R02 SP407-L-R02
GSX R 1000 05-06 SP407-R-R02 SP407-L-R02
GSX R 1000 09-18 SP407-R-R02 SP407-L-R02


Coppia Leve Freno e Frizione Regolabili Spider Suzuki GSXR 600-750, GSXR 1000 - FOLDING AND ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH AND BRAKE LEVER SUZUKI.